Renewables Update: Current Market Overview and European Developments: Renewables Series – Part 1

Sullivan & Cromwell LLP - November 9, 2020

The market for renewables assets has transformed over the last decade. Technological advances have powered the creation of higher capacity renewables assets that can produce energy at increasingly competitive levelized costs compared to traditional fuels. At the same time, governments, companies, investors (and consumers) are increasing their commitments to renewable sources of energy and setting ambitious targets for zero emission operations and portfolios. The stage is set for even more substantial growth of renewables assets in the years to come.

Dealmakers in the renewables sector need to have a current understanding of the relevant market and regulatory environments, the key diligence considerations and how all of these affect transaction structuring. In this series, we highlight key market and regulatory developments in key global renewables markets and discuss deal considerations for buyers and sellers of renewables assets globally. This part provides some global context and covers key trends and regulatory developments in Europe.