Stanford Law School 24th Annual Stanford Directors’ College

June 24-26, 2018
Stanford, California
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From June 24 to 26, Rodgin Cohen, Brendan Cullen and Nader Mousavi participated in Stanford Law School’s 24th Annual Stanford Directors’ College, the nation’s leading corporate governance conference for directors and senior executives of publicly traded firms, which took place in Stanford, California. On June 25, Brendan participated in a panel titled “Responding to Government Investigations.” On June 26, Rodgin participated in a plenary session titled “Recovering From a Corporate Crisis.” Nader participated in a panel titled “The Board’s Role in Patent and IP Strategy.”

This program brought together leading CEOs, directors, regulators, jurists and scholars for a discussion of the issues that face today’s boards, including fundamentals for directors, board evolution and refreshment, the board’s role in patent and IP strategy, compensation strategy, corporate governance and proxy trends, and corruption, the FCPA and globalization.