Steve Peikin and Aisling O’Shea Discuss Anticorruption Under the Biden Administration at FCPA Clearinghouse Webinar

September 30, 2021

Steve Peikin and Aisling O’Shea joined a webinar presented by Stanford University’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance, “Anticorruption Developments Under the Biden Administration.” The webinar, which took place on September 30, focused on how the Biden administration’s aggressive stance on corruption is affecting the nature, frequency and scope of FCPA enforcement activity. Panelists also offered their thoughts on best practices regarding compliance, self-reporting and managing internal and government investigations into possible FCPA violations during a global pandemic. Steve and Aisling were joined in the discussion by Daniel Trujillo, former Global Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer for Walmart. Joseph Grundfest, Stanford Law School professor and former Securities and Exchange Commissioner, moderated the discussion.