Statement on Doing Business in Russia

April 5, 2022

As reports of the ‎Russian Government's atrocities in Ukraine continue to mount, we are compelled to make an exception to our long-standing policy of not publicly disclosing client representations, and state that, beyond never having an office in Russia, we have no clients that are on any Russia sanctions list, or that are in, part of or associated with the Russia Government; nor after due inquiry are we aware of any clients that are associates of any of those entities or persons. We also will not take on any of these entities or persons as clients for the indefinite future.  We stand firmly with Ukraine and its people and deplore the unprovoked Russian invasion as a violation of fundamental principles of international law and basic human morality. We are appreciative that our associates, staff and partners have contributed to a foundation we established to provide support for the people of Ukraine. 

Robert J. Giuffra Jr. and Scott D. Miller