S&C Antitrust Partners Author article in Antitrust Chronicle

November 2019

S&C partner Renata Hesse, head of S&C’s Antitrust Group, together with antitrust partners Benjamin Walker and Christopher Viapiano co-authored the article, “Navigating Antitrust Compliance Under the DOJ’s New Guidance,” in the November 2019 edition of Competition Policy International’s Antitrust Chronicle.

The article considers the DOJ’s recent reversal of its Corporate Leniency Policy and issuance of its new guidance for assessing antitrust compliance programs, and offers insights on the practical implications of these two updates. The authors advise that companies should review DOJ’s new guidance “carefully to understand the Antitrust Division’s expectations regarding antitrust compliance.” An effective compliance program, they write, “could mean the difference between a DPA and a criminal conviction under the new regime.”

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