S&C Litigators Author Chapter in The Guide to Evidence in International Arbitration

September 7, 2021

Joe Neuhaus, Andrew Finn and David Blackman authored a chapter in The Guide to Evidence in International Arbitration, a publication of Global Arbitration Review. The Guide offers a holistic view of the issues surrounding evidence in international arbitration, examining strategic, cultural and ethical questions and proposing possible improvements to the status quo. Joe, Andrew and David authored chapter two, “The 2020 IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration: A History and Discussion of the 2020 Revisions.” This chapter examines revisions made in the 2020 International Bar Association rules on the taking of evidence, which the authors say were “significant but not sweeping.” After examining the history of the IBA’s rules in the context of the 2020 revisions, the authors conclude that there was “little reason to make wide-ranging changes to the well-used provisions of the 2010 rules.” That more wide-ranging changes were not required, they write, “is testament to the care and foresight with which [the rules] had been drafted and previously revised.” Joe was co-chair of the IBA subcommittee that prepared the 2020 revisions, and David was one of the secretaries of the subcommittee.  In addition to authoring chapter two, Joe served as an editor of the Guide. To learn more, click here.