S&C Critical Insights – U.K. Financial Conduct Authority: Updates and Implications for Non-U.S. Banks and Commercial Organizations

August 4, 2021

In this episode of S&C’s Critical Insights, Annie Ostrager and Kamil Shields discuss recent activity by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority and how its approach toward whistleblowers differs from its U.S. counterpart. Annie and Kamil discuss the FCA’s increased focus on non-financial misconduct, such as sexual harassment. They also provide an overview of a new whistleblowing campaign launched by the FCA, “In confidence, with confidence,” and touch on related legislative activity. Finally, they discuss the implications of this government activity for non-U.S. banks and commercial organizations.
Annie and Kamil earlier discussed the increased focus by U.S. agencies on the use of whistleblowers in investigations involving alleged money laundering and corruption. Listen to that episode here.