S&C Critical Insights – Mandatory Arbitration Agreements and Sexual Harassment Claims in the #MeToo Era

June 18, 2019

Recent Supreme Court authority places employers on firm footing in incorporating mandatory arbitration provisions in employment provisions. But, the #MeToo movement has brought the use of these agreements into public focus.
In this episode of the S&C Critical Insights podcast series, Tracy Richelle High and Annie Ostrager discuss relevant Supreme Court authority, legislative reactions at the state and federal levels to the use of mandatory arbitration agreements in employment contracts in the post-#MeToo climate and the ramifications on the public focus on the use of such agreements for employers.
Tracy Richelle High is a partner in S&C’s Litigation Group, and a member of both the Firm’s Labor and Employment Law Group and Criminal Defense and Investigations Group. Ms. High’s practice focuses on representing financial institutions and other corporations in complex civil litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings, corporate internal investigations, and labor and employment matters.
Ann-Elizabeth Ostrager is a partner in S&C’s Litigation Group, a member of the Firm’s Criminal Defense and Investigations Group and co-head of the Labor and Employment Group. Ms. Ostrager has a diverse practice, which includes regulatory and internal investigations, employment litigation, securities and antitrust litigation, and representations of a number of individuals in criminal matters. 
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