S&C Critical Insights – Lessons from the 2022 Proxy Season—Episode 3: Social and Political Proposals

October 6, 2022

S&C Corporate Governance co-heads Marc Treviño and Melissa Sawyer continue their discussion of shareholder proposal trends from the 2022 proxy season. In this episode of S&C’s Critical Insights, they explore social and political proposals, including in increase in those from so-called “anti-ESG” proponents.
This year saw big growth in social and political proposals, with an 81 percent increase in civil rights, human rights and racial equity impact-related proposals. Marc and Melissa explore the different categories of social and political proposals, including those calling for racial equity audits and civil rights audits and challenges to corporate political spending. In prior years, this category was largely taken up by DEI-related proposals. This year, proposals increasingly focused on workplace characteristics, harassment, inadequate paid sick leave, employee health and safety issues.
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