S&C and RANE Network Host Summit on “Redefining Resiliency: New Approaches for New Risks”

July 26, 2019
New York, New York

As a follow-up to the RANE 2019 Risk Management Summit held on April 3, 2019, below are several follow-up podcasts with some of the Sullivan & Cromwell panelists:
S&C Partner Nic Bourtin and RANE founder David Lawrence expands on the panel: The Insider Threat: How to Detect, Prevent, and Defend Against Rogue Employee. This podcast focuses on where culture, controls, and technology can be leveraged to help enterprises protect their facilities, people, and assets from insider threats. Listen to Nic Bourtin and David Lawrence.
S&C Partner Andrew Gerlach and RANE founder David Lawrence expands on the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and the Implication for Financial Crimes Compliance panel. This podcast delves into the current cryptocurrency and blockchain market. Listen to Andrew Gerlach and David Lawrence.

On April 3, Sullivan & Cromwell, in collaboration with RANE Network, hosted a summit on “Redefining Resiliency: New Approaches for New Risks” in its New York office. The summit, which was sponsored by Dow Jones Risk and Compliance and [email protected], brought together some of the world's most respected business leaders and legal and risk experts to discuss the critical issues corporations can expect to face in the future. S&C speakers and moderators included Nicolas Bourtin, Nicole Friedlander, Andrew Gerlach, Sharon Nelles and Thomas Baxter. There were keynote interviews with Jules Kroll, chairman and co-founder of K2 Intelligence, and Juan Zarate, chairman and co-founder of the Financial Integrity Network, chairman of the Center on Economic and Financial Power and senior national security analyst for NBC News/MSNBC.

Nicolas Bourtin, Partner
Panel Topic: The Insider Threat: How to Detect, Prevent, and Defend Against Rogue Employees

Nicolas Bourtin is a litigation partner and the Managing Partner of Sullivan & Cromwell’s Criminal Defense and Investigations Group. His practice focuses on white collar criminal defense and internal investigations, regulatory enforcement matters, and securities and complex civil litigation. He is one of the coordinators of S&C’s FCPA and Anti-Corruption practice group.

Mr. Bourtin has represented individuals, corporations and financial institutions in numerous high-profile matters involving accounting fraud, antitrust, FIRREA, the FCPA, insider trading, money laundering, mortgage origination and servicing, OFAC sanctions, securities fraud, tax fraud, and trading. He has extensive experience representing financial institutions in parallel regulatory and criminal investigations and representing non-U.S. companies and individuals in connection with U.S. investigations.

Mr. Bourtin has conducted numerous jury trials and has argued frequently before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

He is frequently recognized as a leading practitioner in the area of white collar criminal defense and writes and lectures frequently on criminal law and government investigations.

Mr. Bourtin also serves, on a pro bono basis, on the Criminal Justice Act panel for the Eastern District of New York, representing indigent defendants in federal criminal proceedings.

Mr. Bourtin served for four years as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of New York, where he was involved in investigations, prosecutions and trials involving fraud, corruption, money laundering and other white collar offenses.

In addition, Mr. Bourtin successfully prosecuted the bosses and senior leadership of three of the five New York City-based Italian mafia families for crimes such as murder, racketeering, extortion, loansharking and narcotics trafficking. In total, Mr. Bourtin convicted over 75 members and associates of La Cosa Nostra and was involved in several historic prosecutions, including the first death penalty-eligible murder indictments of Italian mafia bosses in modern history.

Mr. Bourtin also coordinated the Eastern District U.S. Attorney’s Office’s cooperation with the Italian government on matters involving organized crime and led several successful collaborative efforts with the Italian Ministry of Justice, National Antimafia Bureau, National Police, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza.

Nicole Friedlander, Partner
Panel Topic: What Will it Take to Become Cyber Resilient? 

Nicole Friedlander is a member of the Firm’s Criminal Defense and Investigations Group and co-head of the Firm’s Cybersecurity Practice. Ms. Friedlander’s practice focuses on white-collar criminal defense, regulatory enforcement proceedings and internal investigations. She has particular expertise in fraud, anti-money laundering, tax and cybercrime matters.

Ms. Friedlander joined the Firm in 2016 from the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, where she was Chief of the Complex Frauds and Cybercrime Unit. During over eight years of service, she prosecuted sophisticated financial frauds, cybercrimes, money laundering and Bank Secrecy Act offenses, FCPA violations, and criminal tax cases. Ms. Friedlander’s white collar work includes leading major prosecutions of offshore banks for facilitating tax evasion, securing one of the largest-ever FCPA resolutions and bringing a groundbreaking, successful racketeering case against the owner of multibillion-dollar payday lending companies. Her cybersecurity experience includes leading the successful investigation of the largest-ever cyber theft of customer data from a U.S. financial institution; overseeing the indictment of Iranian state-sponsored hackers for coordinating cyberattacks on 46 financial institutions; leading cutting edge virtual currency-related cases; and prosecuting a Russian national for hacking U.S. banks in a case the FBI named one of its top ten of the year. For its consumer protection work during her tenure, the FTC awarded the Complex Frauds and Cybercrime Unit its Criminal Liaison Unit Award in 2016.

During her tenure at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Ms. Friedlander also successfully tried numerous federal criminal cases and briefed and argued appeals before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Andrew Gerlach, Partner
Panel Topic: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and the Implications for Financial Crime Compliance

Andrew Gerlach is a partner in the Firm’s Financial Services and Mergers and Acquisitions Groups and co-head of the North America insurance practice. Mr. Gerlach’s practice is primarily focused on mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, securities offerings and similar transactions involving financial institutions. He also advises clients on a variety of regulatory, takeover defense and corporate control, general corporate, strategic and corporate governance matters. Mr. Gerlach represents both U.S. and non-U.S. public and private financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, private equity funds, hedge funds, investment advisers and broker-dealers.

Mr. Gerlach has worked on a variety of regulatory matters with federal and state banking, insurance and securities regulatory agencies and other governmental agencies on behalf of a number of U.S. and international financial institutions.

Sharon Nelles, Partner
Panel Topic: Crisis in the Boardroom: Managing Misinformation at Digital Speed 

Sharon Nelles, a partner in the Firm’s Litigation Group and member of the Firm’s Executive Committee, represents financial institutions and global companies in high-profile, critical company matters that implicate not only civil litigation but also related regulatory, congressional and criminal investigations and enforcement actions. She is currently active in matters arising from the Volkswagen diesel crisis and the #MeToo movement, among others.

Ms. Nelles has represented such clients as Airbnb, Moody’s, JPMorgan Chase, Standard Chartered Bank, Microsoft and Diageo, in high-profile investigations and litigation, including matters arising from the subprime mortgage crisis, such as JPMorgan Chase’s groundbreaking $13 billion global settlement. She has tried cases in the state and federal courts on behalf of such clients as Microsoft, Eastman Kodak Company and General Bank, and has represented prominent firms and individuals in proceedings before the Department of Justice, the United States Congress, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and virtually every state attorneys general.

Ms. Nelles frequently conducts investigations for corporate clients, special committees and boards of directors.