Rodge Cohen Appears on Bloomberg TV to Discuss Bank Regulation and Archegos Collapse

April 20, 201

Rodge Cohen appeared on Bloomberg TV's “Balance of Power” on April 15, where he was interviewed by host David Westin about bank regulation as earnings are reported in the wake of the collapse of Archegos Capital Management. In the discussion, Rodge said that, although bank earnings have been strong, he doesn't believe that regulators are likely to let down their guard in the near term. Referring to the Archegos situation, Rodge said that regulators should look at entities that “have a capacity to move markets, to have an impact on investors. When you look at the regulatory scheme through that lens, something like Archegos should have been regulated—and hopefully this will be the experience which leads to regulation. And at a minimum, there needs to be disclosure.”
Rodge also spoke about the continuing significance of LIBOR, among other topics. To watch the full interview, click here.