Edwin Williamson Organizes Amicus Brief on Jam v. IFC

Septemeber 2018
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Retired partner Edwin Williamson organized an amicus brief for former government lawyers in Jam v. IFC, which will be heard in the U.S. Supreme Court on October 31. The issue before the Court is whether the immunity of international organizations designated under the International Organizations Immunities Act, which provides that IOs enjoy the “same immunity from suit... as is enjoyed by foreign governments,” is limited by the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. In 1945 when the IOIA was enacted, foreign sovereigns enjoyed virtually absolute immunity. The FSIA codified the restrictive immunity standard, providing exceptions from immunity in the case of commercial activities and certain torts having a specified nexus with the United States. The Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia held, 2-1, that it did not. The U.S. Government has filed an amicus brief (joined by the State Department Legal Adviser) urging reversal. Edwin’s amicus brief argues for affirmance.