William Torchiana, Mark Rosenberg and Marion Leydier Serve as Contributing Editors for Getting the Deal Through: Insurance & Reinsurance

July 31, 2015

In July, the 2015 edition of Getting the Deal Through: Insurance & Reinsurance was published by Law Business Research Ltd., an independent publisher of research, data and analysis on international business law and legal markets based in London. Mr. Torchiana, Mr. Rosenberg and Ms. Leydier served as contributing editors for the publication, including preparing the questions to be answered by contributing editors in every participating jurisdiction, and authoring the Introduction, which provides an overview of significant regulatory developments in the United States and internationally, and the U.S. Chapter. The Getting the Deal Through series includes publications on approximately 75 practice areas, covering 150 jurisdictions throughout the world.

The Insurance & Reinsurance volume provides comparative local insight into the field of insurance and reinsurance law, outlining the following areas: regulatory framework, insurance claims and coverage, reinsurance disputes and reinsurance principles and practices. Chapters in the publication follow a question and answer format, with local contributors in each of the 23 jurisdictions represented in the publication providing answers for their respective jurisdictions. The publication serves as a guide for in-house counsel, regulatory authorities, business executives and attorneys in private practice and is widely distributed in hard copy, digitally and on-line.

Valuable assistance with the project was provided by Ms. Bunevich, Mr. Fettman and Mr. Gilman.