Melissa Sawyer, Charles Dowling and Alidad Damooei Co-author Article on M&A Implications of Corporate Governance and Succession Issues in Family-Controlled Businesses in The M&A Lawyer

May 31, 2016

In its May issue, The M&A Lawyer published an article co-authored by Ms. Sawyer, Mr. Dowling and Mr. Damooei titled “M&A Implications of Corporate Governance and Succession Planning for Family-Controlled Businesses.” The authors discussed M&A issues that may arise as a result of corporate governance and estate planning specific to family-controlled businesses. The article explored potential conflict situations that can be avoided by careful advance planning and those that are harder to prepare for. “It is critical that a family’s estate planning advisors coordinate closely with the company’s M&A advisors to ensure a consistent and workable approach across both aspects of the company’s future,” the authors concluded.