Melissa Sawyer and Audra Cohen Co-author Bloomberg BNA Mergers & Acquisitions Law Report Article on Consumer and Retail M&A Considerations

October 24, 2016

On October 24, Bloomberg BNA’s Mergers & Acquisitions Law Report published an article titled “Top Ten Regulatory Considerations for Executing Consumer and Retail Deals” co-authored by Melissa Sawyer and Audra Cohen. “Now more than ever, acquirors of consumer and retail companies need to have a heightened focus on the key regulatory regimes that are relevant in the M&A context,” Melissa and Audra wrote. They went on to outline the ten most significant of these considerations, including antitrust and competition law; FCPA and anti-bribery; cybersecurity issues; counterfeit goods, “grey market” sales and FTZs; environmental risks; currency controls and repatriation of funds; non-GMO/organic issues; product liability/defect issues; child labor and slavery issues; and false advertising. Carlo Zenkner assisted in preparing the article.