Ted Rogers Authors Paper on Workplace Investigations and Privilege

October 23, 2015

In conjunction with S&C London’s Corporate Investigations & Enforcement Conference, Mr. Rogers authored a paper on Workplace Investigations and Privilege. He wrote about investigations of employee conduct, including as part of broad based misconduct investigations or individual complaints of workplace misbehavior, and the various roles lawyers may be asked to play in the investigations. The paper provided a brief review of the basics of attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine, followed by how these protections have been applied in the context of internal investigations. Mr. Rogers also reviewed the differences in how the U.S. and European jurisdictions handle communications with in-house counsel and privilege issues arising in the context of international arbitration.

The conference, which took place on October 23 in S&C’s London office, featured a variety of panels on corporate investigations and enforcement. Mr. Rogers spoke on the panel titled “Workplace Investigations: Whistleblowers and Employment Law Considerations.”