Ben Perry Authors Article on the Impact of Brexit on Private Equity M&A in Practical Law The Journal

August 24, 2016

In its September 2016 issue, Practical Law The Journal published a feature titled “Brexit: Implications for M&A and Private Equity Funds,” which included a section by Mr. Perry on private equity M&A. Mr. Perry’s Q&A discussed the factors that will contribute to the short- and long-term potential impact of Brexit on private equity M&A, such as the availability of debt financing and the decrease of the value of the pound sterling. “Investors’ long-term appetite for exposure to the UK depends to a large extent on the timing, form, and substance of the political settlement reached between the UK and the EU in relation to the UK’s withdrawal from, and future relationship with, the EU,” Mr. Perry said. He also discussed which industries are likely to be most significantly affected, as well as the possible impact on current transactions and deal structures, among other topics. S&C also released a memo to clients in June of 2016 titled ‘Brexit: Legal Implications.’