Nicolas Bourtin Serves as Editor of, and With Nathaniel Green Contributes to, Recently Published Eighth Edition of The International Investigations Review

July 2018
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Nicolas Bourtin was the editor of the recently released eighth edition of The International Investigations Review, a volume designed to assist corporate counsel in guiding clients through international criminal and regulatory investigations. “Corporate counsel around the world are increasingly called upon to advise their clients on the implications of criminal and regulatory investigations outside their own jurisdictions,” Nicolas wrote in the guide’s preface. “And while nothing can replace the considered advice of an expert local practitioner, a comprehensive review of the corporate investigation practices around the world will find a wide and grateful readership.” The eighth edition contains chapters on 23 separate jurisdictions, in which criminal defense lawyers describe the law and practices governing corporate investigations in their countries. In addition to the preface, Nicolas and Nathaniel co-wrote the chapter on the United States.