Krishna Veeraraghavan, Lauren Boehmke and Michael Brown Examine Private Equity and Activism in The M&A Lawyer

April 29, 2020
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S&C M&A partner Krishna Veeraraghavan and associates Lauren Boehmke and Michael Brown co-authored an article in The M&A Lawyer titled “The Blending of Private Equity and Activism.” The article examines the ways in which “intrinsically separate investment strategies that once occupied two distinct arenas” are now merging into “a hybrid space in which private equity firms are making minority investments and hedge funds are acquiring whole companies.” The authors provide examples of this trend, discuss the factors that are driving it and evaluate the potential impact of COVID-19.
“While COVID-19 has led to volatility and uncertainty, the blending of private equity and activism is likely to continue through 2020, as both activists and private equity firms dedicate significant time and capital toward new strategies,” the authors conclude. To read the full article, click here.