Steve Holley, Daryl Libow and Yvonne Quinn Interviewed by LEADERS Magazine on S&C’s Antitrust Practice

June 21, 2016

In its April, May, June 2016 edition, LEADERS Magazine published an interview with Mr. Holley, Mr. Libow and Ms. Quinn titled “Handling Complex Mergers.” Mr. Holley, Mr. Libow and Ms. Quinn discussed what makes S&C’s approach to merger clearances stand out, as well as how S&C handles merger clearances for companies in a variety of industries and that will be reviewed by regulators in a range of countries. “S&C lawyers pride themselves on being very quick studies,” said Mr. Libow, when asked how S&C handles such a wide range of companies, “and we are not afraid of complicated industries that involve highly technical manufacturing processes.” Later in the interview, Mr. Holley discussed why being located in New York doesn’t adversely affect dealing with the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice. In closing, Ms. Quinn said, “S&C lawyers working on a transaction are a tightly integrated team, so advice concerning merger clearances is informed by and coordinated with other advice being provided to the client about the transaction. There are real benefits to such one-stop shopping.”