Sergio Galvis Writes Op-Ed for Jornal do Commercio on FCPA in M&A in Brazil

October 22, 2015

On October 22, a leading Brazilian outlet Jornal do Commercio published an article by Mr. Galvis on the significance of FCPA due diligence in M&A in Brazil. In the article, Mr. Galvis explains the importance behind the FCPA and the DOJ/SEC 2012 “Guide,” particularly for Brazil due to the recent Lava Jato operation investigating Petrobras. Citing Brazil’s January 2014 historic law, he notes that other Latin American countries such as Colombia, Mexico and Chile have adopted laws combating corruption. Mr. Galvis outlines the considerations underlying FCPA due diligence in M&A and how U.S. businesses participating with Brazilian companies consider it a “high priority.” Jornal do Commercio is one of the most influential economic outlets in Brazil, with a print run of 60,000 copies and one of the most visited websites regarding the economy.