Sergio Galvis and Melissa Sawyer Co-author STEP Journal Article on Succession Planning for Latin American Family-Controlled Businesses

April 2017

Sergio Galvis and Melissa Sawyer co-authored an article published in the April issue of the STEP Journal titled “Steps to Succession” (STEP Journal: Volume 25/ Issue 3, 2017). The article explored succession planning issues relevant to Latin American high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) leading family-controlled businesses, discussing techniques such as liquidity and third-party investments, exit strategies and devices for sustained ownership and dual-class equity structure, among others. “Succession planning is a significant task, with many moving parts,” Sergio and Melissa concluded. “HNWIs leading family businesses in Latin America can turn to experienced legal advisors to streamline the governance, tax and estate processes, and work with their companies’ local advisors to achieve a plan that ensures company stability for generations.”