Sergio Galvis and Werner Ahlers Co-Edit the Latin Lawyer Private Equity Reference Series and Author Its Introduction

August 14, 2019
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S&C partners Sergio Galvis and Werner Ahlers co-edited the private equity section of the 2019 Latin Lawyer Reference series and authored its introduction. The section serves as a guide for investors negotiating private equity deals in the region, with unique insights for these markets. In their introduction, Sergio and Werner note that, despite recent political uncertainty in some Latin American countries, almost every market in the region reported economic growth in 2018 and this positive outlook has continued into this year. Investment activity has diversified beyond infrastructure, energy and natural resources deals, to other sectors, particularly technology and fintech. Sergio and Werner have been involved with co-editing the PE reference series and authoring its introduction since 2011.
The introduction is available above as an extract from Latin Lawyer’s Private Equity Reference 2019. The whole publication is available here.