Matthew Friestedt Co-authors The M&A Lawyer Article on Discretionary M&A Executive Compensation Enhancements

August 31, 2015
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In its July/August issue, The M&A Lawyer published an article by Mr. Friestedt and Ms. Wang titled “Discretionary Executive Compensation Enhancements and their Impact on the Say-on-Golden-Parachute Advisory Vote.” The article provides an update on discretionary enhancements that public companies have made in connection with signing up merger agreements and their effect on Institutional Shareholder Services’ recommendation and shareholder voting results with respect to the non-binding vote to approve “golden parachute” compensation arrangements and the vote to approve the transaction. “While the say-on-golden-parachute vote is an important avenue for shareholder concerns, at this time, shareholder support for the transaction itself continues to remain unaffected by the results of the say-on-golden-parachute vote,” said Mr. Friestedt and Ms. Wang.