Andy Dietderich and Nader Mousavi Co-author Article for Intellectual Asset Management

June 22, 2014

In its May/June 2014 issue, Intellectual Asset Management published an article by Messrs. Dietderich and Mousavi titled, “IP deals meet bankruptcy: what every IP professional needs to know.” The article addresses value creation opportunities for distressed companies with significant intellectual property portfolios, including the implementation of distressed IP transactions and navigating IP risks in bankruptcy. Messrs. Dietderich and Mousavi's analysis includes a discussion of three general types of IP strategies, the types of transactions they engender, and the special risks and opportunities involved, citing three of the most notable IP-intensive bankruptcies (Nortel, Kodak and Qimonda) as examples. “Bankruptcy can be daunting and its rules non-intuitive and complex, but it is more important than ever for IP professionals to understand them,” Messrs. Dietderich and Mousavi write. “As large technology and other IP-intensive companies mature and face financial distress and markets are disrupted by globalisation, new technologies and new entrants, intellectual property may be among the most valuable assets remaining,” they added.

This article first appeared in Intellectual Asset Management magazine issue 65, published by The IP Media Group. To view the issue in full, please go to