Rodgin Cohen and Mitchell Eitel Co-author Law360 Article on Preventing Another Financial Crisis

November 20, 2017
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On November 20, Law360 published an article co-authored by Rodgin Cohen and Mitchell Eitel titled “10 Years After Crisis, What We Still Need to Do” as part of an Expert Analysis series exploring the impact of the financial crisis of 2008 10 years later. The article discussed the continued need to reduce the probability of another financial crisis and the potential severity of such a crisis, recommending regulatory focus on four key areas: cybersecurity, response flexibility, dispersion of risk and soundness of credit. “We can all sleep easier at night because reforms have produced a considerably strengthened banking system,” Rodgin and Mitchell said. “This desirable state, however, should not lead to somnambulism. There is still work to be done to prevent and mitigate future crises, and enhance the economy, which requires continuous, thoughtful self-examination.”