Nic Bourtin Edits The International Investigations Review, Fifth Edition

September 22, 2015

Mr. Bourtin edited the recently released fifth edition of The International Investigations Review, a volume designed to assist corporate counsel in guiding clients through criminal and regulatory investigations in countries other than their own. “Parallel corporate investigations in multiple countries increasingly compound the problems for companies, as conflicting statues, regulations and rules of procedure and evidence make the path to compliance a treacherous one,” Mr. Bourtin wrote in the book’s preface, explaining the challenges today’s lawyers face in such investigations. “What is more, government authorities forge their own prosecutorial alliances and share evidence, further complicating a company’s defence. These trends show no signs of abating.” The fifth edition contains chapters on 24 separate jurisdictions, in which criminal defense attorneys describe the law and practices governing corporate investigations in their countries. In addition to the preface, Mr. Bourtin and Mr. Green co-wrote the chapter on the United States.