Garrard Beeney, Justin DeCamp, Bob Giuffra and Sam Seymour Author Chapters in Newly Published 4th Edition of Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts

October 26, 2015

Thomson Reuters, in cooperation with the New York County Lawyers Association, recently published the Fourth Edition of Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts, an eight-volume treatise covering all aspects of practice, procedure and substantive law relating to the litigation of commercial matters in New York state courts. Messrs. Beeney, DeCamp, Giuffra and Seymour authored chapters in the Fourth Edition of the treatise. Mr. Beeney authored Chapter 26, Depositions; Messrs. Giuffra and DeCamp authored Chapter 76, Bank Litigation, with assistance from Mr. Lindauer; and Mr. Seymour authored Chapter 103, The Interplay Between Commercial Litigation and Criminal Proceedings, with assistance from Mr. Friedman. Thomson Reuters, which markets the treatise as “the work of... some of the best commercial litigators in New York,” held a reception in honor of the authors of the Fourth Edition on October 26 at the New York County Lawyers Association.