Bob Giuffra Joins's Legal Speak Podcast to Discuss Mentorship and Learning from Vince DiBlasi

December 21, 2018

Bob Giuffra appeared on the December 21 Legal Speak podcast episode, “How I Learned 'Basically Everything': Top Lawyers Give Props to Their Mentors,” speaking about his mentor, Vince DiBlasi, a former S&C partner and leading litigator who passed away earlier this year. Vince influenced Bob greatly over the course of his career. 

On the podcast, Bob recalled, “From the first day in the office, Vince was my mentor, protector, advisor, big brother. I learned so much from Vince about becoming a lawyer…I often think, when I'm in a difficult situation, 'What would Vince do?'” 

Describing what differentiated Vince as a top lawyer, Bob said, “[He] had extremely good judgment, people skills, strategic sense…you can be a smart person and well trained but if you don't have judgment, you won't be an effective lawyer, particularly in super-complicated cases.” 

In thinking about the next generation of leading lawyers, Bob said, “I place a lot of emphasis on trying to hand down the lessons Vince taught me to the next generation and…when I'm in a tough situation, I will say to the team, 'Vince would have handled it this way, and that's the way we should do it.'” 

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