Nicky Friedlander Speaks at RSA Conference USA 2019

March 6, 2019
San Francisco, California

Data breaches are a likelier perceived risk than ever before—and the technical response is only part of a healthy preparedness plan. Is your company ready to deal with law enforcement and counsel should a breach strike? 

On March 6, Sullivan & Cromwell Cybersecurity partner Nicky Friedlander explored how to deal with law enforcement and counsel during a data breach at the RSA Conference USA 2019. Nicky spoke alongside FBI Cyber Division Section Chief Erin Joe and Assistant U.S. Attorney Kristy Greenberg of the Southern District of New York.

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Nicky Friedlander is co-head of Sullivan & Cromwell’s Cybersecurity law practice. She advises major U.S. corporations in all aspects of cybersecurity planning and incident response. Nicky previously served as a federal prosecutor in Manhattan, where she was Chief of the Complex Frauds and Cybercrime Unit. In that role, Nicky led the successful investigation of the largest-ever theft of customer data at a U.S. financial institution. Nicky also oversaw the indictment, in 2016, of Iranian nationals for engaging state-sponsored cyberattacks on U.S. financial institutions, and hacking into the control systems of a New York dam. In 2013, the FBI named Nicky’s prosecution of the creator of Gozi malware, which compromised bank accounts worldwide, as one of its top 10 cases of the year. Learn more about Nicky.
Nicky also appeared at the S&C and RANE Network Conference “Redefining Resiliency: New Approaches for New Risks,” which brought together some of the world’s top business leaders and risk experts to discuss the most critical issues they face, including “What Will It Take to Become Cyber Resilient?”