Nic Bourtin Serves as Editor of 11th Edition of The International Investigations Review and Co-authors the United States Chapter with Steve Hsieh

August 26, 2021

Nic Bourtin, managing partner of S&C’s Criminal Defense and Investigations Group, served as editor of the 11th edition of The International Investigations Review, published in August 2021.  Steve Hsieh co-authored the United States chapter with Nic.

In his preface to the new edition, Nic writes: “As the United States emerges from the covid-19 pandemic, the new Biden administration faces a freshly awakened and potentially permanently changed economy. The Biden administration is widely anticipated to reprioritise white-collar criminal prosecutions and usher in a period of increased enforcement and harsher penalties for foreign corruption, healthcare, consumer and environmental fraud, tax evasion and price-fixing, export controls and other trade sanctions, economic espionage, and cybercrime.” Additionally, Nic notes, the trend towards more enforcement and harsher penalties has not been limited to the United States—rather, it is global.

The 11th edition of The International Investigations Review seeks to answer key questions that arise for corporate counsel, covering developments in 20 jurisdictions around the world.