Nic Bourtin Discusses White-Collar Crime on “Fraud Eats Strategy” Podcast

October 29, 2020

Nic Bourtin, Managing Partner of S&C’s Criminal Defense and Investigations Group, appeared on FTI Consulting’s “Fraud Eats Strategy” podcast to discuss the psychology of white collar crime. In the episode, “Deconstructing the Minds of White-Collar Criminals,” Nic speaks with podcast host Scott Moritz, a senior managing director at FTI, and Eugene Soltes of Harvard Business School.
“White-collar criminals are removed both physically and often temporally from their victims,” Nic said. As a result, “People can find a way to rationalize going right up to the line without those cues that this can be harming someone…white-collar criminals often can’t pinpoint the moment when they crossed that line, they just find themselves there one day.” Nic discusses the significance of this and other differences between white-collar crime and other types of crime in the full episode. To listen, click here.