Nic Bourtin and Steve Hsieh Shape Latest Edition of The International Investigations Review

August 12, 2022

Nic Bourtin, managing partner of S&C’s Criminal Defense and Investigations Group, served as editor of the twelfth edition of The International Investigations Review, a Law Business Research publication. The text addresses common questions and concerns that corporate counsels face in criminal and regulatory investigations in 17 jurisdictions worldwide.

“The trend towards more enforcement and harsher penalties has by no means been limited to the United States,” Nic writes in the preface to The International Investigations Review. “While the U.S. government continues to lead the movement to [globalize] the prosecution of corporations, a number of non-U.S. authorities appear determined to adopt the U.S. model. Parallel corporate investigations in several countries increasingly compound the problems for companies, as conflicting statutes, regulations, and rules of procedure and evidence make the path to compliance a treacherous one.”

Nic also co-authored, with Steve Hsieh, the chapter focused on the United States. Nic and Steve explore how regulators have continued to leverage harsher penalties in recent years, as well as the impact of COVID-19, cryptocurrencies, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and other factors on the regulatory landscape.