Garrard Beeney Named Litigator of the Week (The Am Law Litigation Daily)

March 26, 2010

Garrard Beeney was named Litigator of the Week by The Am Law Litigation Daily for his role in MPEG LA's agreement to settle a dispute over MPEG-2 essential patents with Alcatel-Lucent. The settlement came just two days into a bench trial in Delaware Chancery Court over whether Alcatel-Lucent had improperly withheld patents worth, in Alcatel-Lucent's words, hundreds of millions of dollars from MPEG LA's licensing pool. The Am Law Litigation Daily noted that "for this swift and decisive victory, we name Beeney our Litigator of the Week." Alexis DeVane, general counsel of MPEG LA and alumna of S&C, said, "This case was very important to us. It was about the integrity of our pools, and having licensors fulfill their contractual obligations." She added: "I could not be more pleased with [Beeney's] representation of us. I'm so thrilled with the result." The article noted that Mr. Beeney "made a special point of praising the team he worked with at S&C and his co-counsel at Potter, Anderson & Caroon." Mr. Beeney said, "In a trial of this complexity no one person can control the outcome."