“Sullivan & Cromwell Successfully Defends High Schooler’s Support of Gay Rights”

The Am Law Litigation Daily - July 31, 2008

Summary: Florida federal district court judge Richard Smoak ruled that a school board cannot ban students from showing support for the equal treatment of gays, following a two-day trial brought by a 17-year old student and her mother, alleging that the board violated her rights when it prohibited the display of pink triangles and pro-gay slogans. After the high school principal banned the student's efforts and later suspended 11 students who participated in a gay-rights protest, the student and her mother sought representation from the ACLU, which brought in SULLIVAN & CROMWELL LLP to handle the case pro bono. Am Law gives S&C a “tip of hat” for its representation of the “courageous high-schooler” and for the Firm's continued interest in its client, including helping the student in her college search.