“Trauma Surgeon of Wall Street” (The New York Times)

November 15, 2009

SULLIVAN & CROMWELL LLP Chairman Rodge Cohen was featured in a New York Times article, “Trauma Surgeon of Wall Street.” The article provided a detailed narrative of Mr. Cohen’s life and career, highlighting his role in the Wall Street bailout that took place last fall. The article noted that Mr. Cohen worked on 17 financial deals during the crisis, “often hurrying among negotiations like a surgeon running between O.R.’s.” Several prominent individuals remarked on their experience working with Mr. Cohen. Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said, “Every time I looked up, it seemed like Rodge was in the room.” The article also recognized the span of Mr. Cohen’s career, “Mr. Cohen's influence over Wall Street is both legendary and pervasive, reaching back to the 1980s, when he helped to consolidate the industry, and then to the 1990s, to shape the regulatory scheme that permitted last year's unprecedented outlay of federal dollars.” In addition, the article commented on his “vast knowledge of the banking sector,” his admirable work ethic and his “gentlemanly style.”