Joe Shenker Interviewed in Forbes

October 23, 2014

On October 23, Forbes published an interview with Mr. Shenker titled, "Joseph Shenker of Sullivan & Cromwell, On Standing The Test Of Time," in which he was asked about the durability of S&C's brand, the Firm's cohesiveness, its approach to client relationships, the future of the market and much more. Regarding the durability of S&C's long-lasting brand, Mr. Shenker said, "Each generation of S&C lawyers views themselves as stewards of this tradition. Our job is to hand over the firm—our brand—to the next generation in at least as good shape as we found it." When asked about the future of the market, Mr. Shenker responded, "I think we will continue to see a separation between high-level advisory work and more standard legal work." Later adding, "It is one thing to read the letter of the law to a client; it is another to help them render a choice or decision among two or three very attractive, or very scary, options."