Sharon Nelles Discusses Banking Client Diversity Requirements in American Banker

August 7, 2018
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Sharon Nelles spoke about client JPMorgan Chase's Leading With Diversity initiative in an August 7 American Banker article titled “Banks extend diversity demands to their law firms.” The JPMorgan initiative aims to achieve 50 percent representation of women and ethnically diverse lawyers on its external legal teams by the end of 2019. “When you hear JPMorgan officials say, 'We want our matters staffed with the talented women and diverse lawyers we know are out there,' then as a firm we have every incentive to staff our cases with those people,” Sharon said of hearing about the initiative from the client. Speaking about diverse junior lawyers, Sharon said, “When you hear from senior management at your law firm that they look at you and see somebody who can stand up and lead a major institution through a critical, crisis-proportion problem, then the confidence that you have to move forward and become that person is really everything. It's a gift. It's the gift of success.”