Melissa Sawyer Profiled in UVA Lawyer Magazine

July 18, 2019
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S&C M&A partner Melissa Sawyer was profiled by her alma mater in the spring edition of UVA Lawyer Magazine. The cleverly titled article, “Merger, She Wrote,” describes how Melissa grew from a 12-year-old with a dream and a resume to become an influential corporate lawyer at S&C. “It's an incredibly intellectually challenging career path,” Melissa said.
Named to The Deal's “Women in M&A: Powerhouse 20,” Melissa has handled a wide range of transactions, from AT&T's merger with Time Warner to a deal in which Cablevision sold The Wiz for a single dollar. Melissa said, “I think deals of all sizes are complicated, but actually in the smaller deals, the small issues tend to have greater importance,” adding, “I've always loved the problem-solving aspect of it.”
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