Melissa Sawyer Comments on Cybersecurity’s Potential Impact on M&A Deals in Financier Worldwide Article

November 23, 2016

In its December 2016 issue, Financier Worldwide quoted Melissa Sawyer in an article titled “Cyber risks in M&A,” which discussed how issues of cybersecurity can potentially impact M&A deals and explored some of the most high profile cyber breaches of the last few years. “Recent data breaches show that it can take months – or even years, in Yahoo's case – for companies to uncover and report breaches,” Melissa said. “Even when a company does not have a history of known breaches, the growing number and sophistication of cyber attacks means that no company is immune to cyber risks. The apocalyptic scenario for a buyer would be to merge a target into the buyer's systems and, in so doing, infect the buyer's entire platform with a hidden vulnerability.”