S&C Litigation Partner Sharon Nelles Talks to The American Lawyer

October 15, 2019
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Sharon Nelles, managing partner of S&C's Litigation Group and management committee member, was profiled by The American Lawyer as part of its ongoing “Litigation Leaders” series. In this month's installment, Sharon speaks with AmLaw about mutual respect, associate development and her management philosophy.

“Priority number one is to make sure we are providing the absolute best service we can to each of our clients,” Sharon says. This means fielding the best litigators in the business. To do that, Sharon says, “associate development is a center of my attention. ... We give associates responsibility and we do it early and often.” S&C's culture is also a key part of what makes it successful, Sharon says: “Our lawyers know each other—not just as coworkers, but as people and as friends. ... It's a mindset that extends to our clients too. We develop deep relationships with our clients—the S&C lawyers who meet with them on day one will be with them every step of the way, and more.”

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