S&C Partner Renata Hesse Quoted in Wall Street Journal on DOJ’s New Policy to Incentivize Antitrust Compliance

July 22, 2019

The DOJ announced a new policy related to the incentives it offers antitrust offenders at NYU Law School's Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement, at which S&C partner Renata Hesse was a panelist. The new policy will extend incentives such as deferred prosecution agreements and reduced penalties to companies with strong antitrust compliance programs and will no longer rely on the leniency program as the only way for companies potentially to avoid pleading guilty after self-reporting.
The Wall Street Journal covered the announcement in the article “Antitrust Compliance Policy Revamps All-or-Nothing Approach to Corporate Leniency” and ran a quote from Renata, who previously led the Antitrust Division at the DOJ.
In terms of the carrots and sticks that the division uses to encourage companies to investigate and self-report, Renata said, “the stick side of that balance has gotten a little softer and it will be interesting to see over time how that plays out.”