Benchmark Litigation Publishes Q&A With Bob Giuffra

October 2017

In its 2018 edition, Benchmark Litigation published a Q&A with Bob Giuffra. Bob discussed how he became a trial lawyer, recent historic settlements on which he has worked and his reasons for adopting a settlement strategy in the Volkswagen case. He also spoke about the changing field of trial law and the duty of experienced lawyers to train younger lawyers. “The most critical skill a lawyer can have is the ability to figure out what the most important issues are in a particular case and why your client should win. Too often lawyers have a tendency to get lost in the forest and don't see the trees—most cases are won because of one, two or three issues tops,” Bob said. “The key is simplifying those issues for the judge or jury. When you get lost in the forest, you end up confusing the judge or jury.”