S&C’s Visiting Lawyers Program Featured in Latin Lawyer’s Foreign Associate Programme Survey and ALM’s Focus Latin America

June 9, 2014
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Download "Foreign Associate Programme Survey"

Mr. Galvis was quoted in ALM's special spring publication Focus Latin America, as part of an article titled, “Best of Friends.” The article discusses the importance of relationships in legal business in Latin America and the growing strength of ties between Latin American and international firms. S&C's visiting lawyers program, which is over sixty years old, is one example of how these ties are formed.

Regarding the program, Mr. Galvis is quoted as saying, “Latin American law firms put a lot of value on these visiting lawyer programs. They've been a real positive in the development of Latin American firms. They've become so much more sophisticated and international in their perspective.” The article itself points out that S&C's program “receives several hundred applications for the eight-or-so spots it offers each year. Of the nine foreign associates currently practicing at the firm, three are from Latin America.” The article also explains that “half of the foreign associates become partners at their home firms after completing the program, with half of those ultimately moving into management roles at those firms. Around 20 percent of its alumni go on to take senior positions as in-house counsel.” On the larger subject of ties to Latin American firms, Mr. Galvis added, “Local relationships are absolutely critical in Latin America. You just can't do it on your own.”

On June 6, S&C's visiting lawyers program was also featured in “Latin Lawyer's foreign associate programme survey,” which explored and compared such programs across law firms.