Joe Frumkin and Marc Treviño Interviewed by The Deal at Corporate Governance 2016 Conference

June 16, 2016

On June 16, The Deal and TheStreet posted interviews with Messrs. Frumkin and Treviño from The Deal's June 6 conference titled “Corporate Governance 2016: Shareholder Activism and Value Creation.” In Mr. Frumkin's interview titled “Communication a Strong Remedy for Distrust Between CEOs and Boards,” he discussed how a lack of communication between shareholders and directors can lead to issues. “Directors are working harder than ever to try and do a good job to try and help the companies they serve create value for their shareholders, but I also see, in talking to shareholders, they don't believe it,” Mr. Frumkin said. In his interview, titled “Shift in Shareholder Landscape Poses Challenges for Corporate Boards,” Mr. Treviño discussed how the strength of retail investor bases are challenged by large shareholders like index fund complexes in today's corporate governance landscape, as well as the implications of this change for corporate boards. He gave advice to boards on how to manage this change and also raised the point that the legal framework regulating shareholders should react to these changes.