Nicole Friedlander Quoted in Women Corporate Directors Advisory on Issues Topping Board Agendas

July 28, 2017

On July 28, Women Corporate Directors issued an advisory featuring Nicole Friedlander titled “10 Issues Topping Board Agendas in 2017.” The list of issues was based on discussions that took place at the recent WCD Global Institute, which was held in New York City. In the advisory, Nicole spoke about how cybercrime prevention accountability now rests with the entire board. “It used to be that cybercriminals were a very small group of people who stole money or credit cards. If you weren't a company that kept customers' money or credit card numbers, you didn't have to worry that much. But what we've seen is the emergence of cybercrime-as-a-service. Cybercriminals are now service providers for all kinds of other criminals and get paid to steal data that other criminals need,” Nicole said. She noted that board discussions about cyber risks will help protect a company in the event of a breach “because regulators and private litigants have been challenging boards about what they did ahead of time to assess and mitigate cybersecurity risk.”