Nicole Friedlander Quoted in Corporate Counsel Article on Importance of Lawyer Involvement on Data Breach Response Teams

September 27, 2016

On September 27, Nicole Friedlander was quoted in a Corporate Counsel article titled “Why Lawyers are Crucial to Data Breach Response Teams.” The article discussed a panel at the 2016 cyberSecure conference in New York City, “Working with Governmental Authorities After a Breach,” in which Nicole and John Evangelakos participated. Nicole discussed preparation strategies for the possibility of a data breach, and effective strategies for dealing with law enforcement and regulators after a breach. Nicole also discussed the importance of involving counsel on the response team after a breach has occurred, using as an example a situation where law enforcement requests a large amount of data from the company. “I've seen situations where [network security personnel] push back, and maybe rightly so, but because they're not lawyers and may not be used to handling big government investigations, the tone of those communications is not the right tone. When you get lawyers involved, they will message that response in a way the government is used to hearing [it], and it makes the investigation go much more smoothly,” she said.