John Evangelakos Participates in Mimesis Law Cybersecurity Executive Roundtable Cy-Pher

June 7, 2016

On June 7, Mimesis Law posted a video featuring a one-on-one segment with Mr. Evangelakos titled “John Evangelakos at Mimesis Law's Cy-Pher Executive Roundtable.” During the segment, Mr. Evangelakos discusses cybersecurity risk, the growing awareness in both the public and private sectors of that risk, and what the government, companies and individuals will have to do to mitigate it. “At the highest level at each company, they have to understand that this needs a holistic approach. They need direction from the top level,” Mr. Evangelakos said. “They have to set the example. They have to direct everybody in the organization to take this seriously and to take appropriate precautions.” On June 29, Mimesis Law posted another video titled “Why America Needs to Lead on Cybersecurity” in which Mr. Evangelakos spoke about the necessity of collaboration between law firms in order to establish a standard of security. Mr. Evangelakos's comments were made at Mimesis Law's Cy-Pher Executive Roundtable, which was held on May 5 in New York City. He also participated in a panel at the roundtable. The panelists discussed recent data breaches at law firms making headlines and whether risk of a data breach poses an existential threat to law firms.