Tim Emmerson Interviewed by The Lawyer

June 1, 2015

On June 1, The Lawyer published an interview with Mr. Emmerson as part of a series of interviews with alumni of its Hot 100, Mr. Emmerson was named to the Hot 100 in 2008. “By mid-2014 it was generally agreed that M&A was recovering in the UK and to a lesser extent in the rest of the EU. In 2015 we are seeing a further strengthening of the market,” Mr. Emmerson said, regarding changes in the European M&A market. “That said, it's not back to its pre-financial crisis peak and it is now a very different market, with more deals attempted but not completed than used to be the case.” On the future of the market, Mr. Emmerson said that insurance will probably continue to do well. “Other lively areas are healthcare and, to a lesser extent, fund management and telecoms. Major bank mergers in Europe, however, remain unlikely,” he said. Discussing the Firm, Mr. Emmerson said, “Like all Sullivan partners I remain a transactional lawyer and spend very limited time on management. The philosophy of the firm is that successful deal doing is the best form of practice development and even the firm's managing partner committee is made up of full time working partners.”