Bob Downes, Joe Neuhaus, Adam Paris, Michael Steinberg and Tom Walsh Interviewed by GC Agenda

May 24, 2016

In May, Messrs. Downes, Neuhaus, Paris, Steinberg and Walsh were interviewed for GC Agenda, which provides “a round-up of major horizon issues for General Counsel.” Mr. Paris contributed to the Antitrust section, which advised companies that DOJ and FTC antitrust enforcement was likely to continue unabated based on recent DOJ and FTC testimony before a U.S. Senate subcommittee. Mr. Downes contributed to the Capital Markets & Corporate Governance section, which advised companies to be aware of the SEC's ongoing focus on non-generally accepted accounting principle (non-GAAP) financial measures. Messrs. Steinberg, Neuhaus and Walsh contributed to the Litigation & ADR section. Mr. Steinberg explained why “defendants in putative class actions may need to reevaluate how they challenge the use of statistical evidence at the class certification stage.” Messrs. Neuhaus and Walsh discussed how the use of advance waivers of arbitrator conflicts of interest are a potentially useful tool for overcoming conflicts in international commercial arbitrations seated in New York.